4 Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

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  1. Modular Software Platform

What does this mean? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is a modular software platform which means that authors can update Guides as needed. Depending on whether there is a new product update or changes in industry safety standards. Authors add, delete, or update step cards without the need to re-author everything saying time and money. The built-in capability of Guides creates a convenient course/guide update for continuous improvement.

  1. Holograms and Digital Twins

Another built in advantage of using Guides is the ability to incorporate visual elements to learning and training. Authors can utilize holograms to show where a specific part should be placed, and which direction parts should be facing or angled. Holograms can be simple in design and show an outline of the part or a full digital twin 3d model. The use of digital twin opens new doors to training. Advantages include access to expensive and heavy equipment trainees normally have limited or no access to. An x-ray like view of equipment and the ability to view different angles in normally difficult to reach areas.

  1. Learn in the flow of work

One of the underrated benefits about Guides is the ability to learn in the flow of work. Unlike most other training application where users are required to learn in a controlled environment off the frontline. Guides enables on the job learning without halting production. Inspection Guides are a great example of this. Workers perform inspections without subject matter experts all while the production line keeps moving. As workers perform new tasks, they develop the hands-on skilling and learn in the flow of work.

  1. Transform existing processes

This last benefit is not a built-in advantage of Guides but still transforms your existing processes. We have written in the past about Power Bi Insight to view data and make improvements to Guides. Guides also connects to Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to transform existing processes. Microsoft Power Apps helps companies create apps with ease without the any coding. Capabilities include use of live data to help make informed decisions in real time, use of artificial intelligence with Power Apps AI Builder, and the ability to turn ideas to solutions in a fraction of time it would take to build a custom app. Microsoft Power Automate is exactly what it sounds like. Power Automate saves companies time and money by reducing or eliminating simple tasks with automations. As workers perform an inspection report, Power Automate handles the simple task of ordering a new part or scheduling a subject matter expert further testing.

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