4 often forgotten features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

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We recently look at forgotten Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides features. Now Let’s dive into Remote Assist.

  1. Low Bandwidth Scenarios for Mobile and HoloLens

A common issue Remote Assist users may come across on the frontline is low bandwidth. Whether technicians are on the factory floor or in remote locations with unstable internet connection. Remote Assist has a solution for this issue. The first pro tip is Microsoft recommends that collaborators turn off their video feed to allow for better bandwidth. If network and bandwidth issue remain, Remote Assist will automatically notify users and recommend sending a high-resolution snapshot instead of the low video quality feed. Annotations remain available on snapshots to continue collaboration.

  1. Annotations persist on files and images

The next feature to note is that annotations persist on files and images. Whether you move holograms from your left side to right or walk to a different side or angle. Annotations will remain on the same location as placed of the hologram. This is ideal for checklists, quality checks, maintenance, and repair. Any tasks that have multiple steps and that are easy to forget which step you have completed should utilize this feature.

  1. Remote Assist with Field Service

Remote Assist integrates with Dynamics 365 Field Service to open a new door of possibilities. Service technicians can pull up key insights such as when a machine was last inspected or what part of the machine was fixed. Field Service helps technicians fix it right the first time and helps improve productivity. Users can also attach images, videos, and notes to work orders for future reference. Other capabilities include optimize scheduling with AI and Internet of Things integration.

  1. One Time Call Link

Microsoft has come up with a solution for customers and users who do not have a remote assist license and a Microsoft teams account. Microsoft now allows companies to create a one-time call link that works for anyone who does not have remote assist or teams. This is not a typical video call as this one-time call link has the same mixed reality features as remote assist on mobile. Scenarios for this feature include calls when a technician repairs an equipment and requires assistance from the asset’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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