4 ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist improves customer satisfaction

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Fix it right the first time

Fix it right the first time is one of the most significant factors in customer satisfaction. When businesses and technicians fix it right the first time, they receive glowing reviews. When they do not, companies will see customer satisfaction decreases significantly. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables subject matter experts to fix it right the first time in real time. An absolute game changer, this allows technicians to troubleshoot and repair more efficiently resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

The perfect example of this is vehicle repair and maintenance. If dealerships do not fix it right the first time, customers must return to fix the issue. While this may seem like a small nuisance, the effect on customers is tremendous. A return trip is a hassle to plan and something everyone would like to avoid. Vehicle owners must plan their whole day around a return trip to the dealership. An estimated repair time can quickly change from a couple of hours to the whole day.

There is a lot on the line for dealerships as well. A law called Lemon Law requires dealerships to buy back vehicles if they do not fix the issue right after the third visit. As you can imagine this is a costly issue dealership must face if they do not fix it right. Remote Assist is the ideal solution for companies to efficiently deploy experts at anytime from anywhere.

Complete jobs faster

Technicians stay hands-on while they receive expert help with Remote Assist. What this means is technicians are hands free for repair as they receive expert guidance. Instead of bouncing back and forth between screen and workstation technicians operate more efficiently. Experts see what the technicians see with their point of view and annotations allow experts to point out specific parts. This eliminates confusion between experts and technicians to complete jobs faster. The quicker issues are fixed the quicker customers can stop worrying.

Reduce maintenance and repairs

“It’s better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.” The ease and efficiency of Remote Assist makes inspections easier to conduct. Companies walk the work site without being there and conduct remote inspections. Increased efficiency allows experts to schedule more inspections to prevent issues and identify small problems before they become major ones. Fewer issues mean fewer down time for customers.

Always on and Real Time Support

Businesses and customers can now breathe a sigh of relief with always on and real time support. Regardless of time or place technicians will be able to collaborate with subject matter experts in real time. If there are face to face restrictions or weather conditions that restrict travel, an expert is always available on Remote Assist for real time support.

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