CraneMorley 2020 Awards Recap

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2020 was a tough year. But there is always some positive in anything in life. For us at CraneMorley we took on the pandemic head on and continued to create produce award winning work. Here is a recap our 2020 success.

MERCEDES GLE HOLOLENS (Muse Creative Awards, Ava Digital Awards, Vega Digital Awards)

CraneMorley developed a Microsoft HoloLens GLE Pilot that was deployed as a mixed reality experience via the HoloLens headset as part of MBUSA’s new model training for its dealer technicians.

Subaru Fixed Ops Training (Muse Creative Awards, Ava Digital Awards, Vega Digital Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, Summit Creative Award, Marcom Awards)

The Subaru Fixed Ops Training Project consists of three main parts: A 2-day workshop with Virtual Reality (VR), an online equivalent to the workshop, and a Search tool for information.

MSF Basic Rider Course (Muse Creative Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, Summit Creative Award, Ava Digital Awards, Vega Digital Awards)

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) VR Challenge is a component of MSF’s Basic Rider’s Course (BRC). This challenge involves simulating close-call collisions while riding on a motorcycle in order to give a visceral experience for new riders about the challenges of riding a motorcycle.

NYSEARCH HoloLens (Marcom Awards)

In Partnership with NYSEARCH, CraneMorley created a guide, which walks new users through all the tools and steps needed to assemble a new gas meter, from the service riser to the house line. The instruction set is complimented by photos, videos and most importantly, 3D holograms that guide the project to completion. A brand new user with no experience is able follow the steps and build out the entire gas meter in about 40 minutes.

SoCal Gas – Covid-19 Distant Learning Respond (Marcom Awards)

For Southern California Gas Company, the determination of the varying levels of corrosion on an exposed gas pipe was a subjective application of gas standard protocols. Due to Covid-19 eLearning provides SoCalGas employees clear-cut, visual examples that help them define what they observe on the exposed pipeline, and then guides them through the process of documenting those findings.

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