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CraneMorley’s was recently published in the latest summer 2021 edition of The Record Magazine.

Our first published article is a viewpoint on CraneMorley’s transition from traditional office space to continue work from home. Throughout the pandemic we have transformed the way companies train and operation with e-learnings, virtual instructor led training, and Mixed Reality. We are practicing what we teach and “leaning into the new normal”. As we continue to work from home, we have transitioned to studio space to improve of capabilities and collaborate in person when needed.

Second, we look at Microsoft’s rapid advancement in mixed reality technology. Powered with the latest hardware and features, CraneMorley is “leading mixed reality innovation”. Two game changers have been spatial triggers and branching features to Dynamics 365 Guides. These newest Guides features allow users to walk through different scenarios and what to do when they come across them on the job.  Both features have been implemented in all our developed Guides.

The last published piece highlights “closing the skills gap with mixed reality solutions”.  Mixed Reality solutions is the key to onboarding and training new employees. As companies race to close the implementing skills gap, the combination of e-learning, instructor led, and on the job, training simply does not meet current needs. The answer is Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Guides. Guides allows companies to train students at their own pace, reduce time to competency, and develop the hands-on training they need to success on the frontline.

CraneMorley – CraneMorley has developed innovative learning and performance solutions for enterprise clients for 28 years, consistently integrating practical, cutting edge technology.

The Record- The Record Magazine provides news and industry thought leadership on Microsoft and partner technology in the enterprise.

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