Dairy Farmers turn to Mixed Reality to Enhance Cow Health

 In CraneMorley, Mixed Reality Industry Insight

Dairy Farmers have officially gone high tech. Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Mixed Reality is being used to help farmers enhance the health of cows. This unique case study has the potential “to take the care and treatment of dairy cattle into a new era” says Duncan Forbes, Agri-EPI head of dairy.

The early stages of this study involve placing a smart tag around the collar of each cow. This will track different data points such as key vital signs like heat signals, inactive behavior, to even how much a cow has eaten. Like shown in the image below, with the HoloLens live data will be floating right above the cows.

Farmers and veterinarians would need to wrangle and secure each cow to check their vitals for routine checkup. This might not seem like a big deal. But to do this for an entire farm of cows one at a time is a time-consuming process to say the least. This process can now be done hassle-free thanks to the HoloLens.

Duncan Forbes also stated, “The beauty of this project is that it combines farmers’ and vet’s experienced ‘eyes’ with real-time data: technology is being used to enhance, rather than replace, human skills.” Instead of replacing humans with artificial intelligence. The HoloLens aids farmers and veterinarians as they do their job.

Other scenarios include integration with computers to track how much milk each cow produces. Any outliers in data will alert farmers something might be wrong, and they should check on the cow. Smart tags will also utilize gps tracking to instantly locate where cows are on the farm.

Another scenario is to track the amount of methane emission cows emit. This is significant as cows are blamed for the global spike in methane emissions since 2006. However, researchers have pointed out that the population of cows has not increase over time. Regardless of who is right and wrong, farmers and scientists will utilize this data to reduce methane emission.

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