Early Launch of eLearning Supported SoCalGas Rapid Response to COVID-19

 In Client Spotlight

Working closely with the SoCalGas operations training team, CM provided a large-scale package of eLearning modules as part of the company’s rapid response to keep training operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The eLearning was already in development as part of an innovative SoCalGas transformation of its curriculum to a blended learning model.  Instructors are making early use of the eLearning along with live video-based instruction via Microsoft Teams and reengineered classroom delivery to not miss a beat in supporting essential gas operation services.

Southern California Gas Company’s safety record is excellent. But, in the gas transportation industry, injuries and deaths have resulted from failures to monitor or respond to abnormal operating conditions properly.
 In this eLearning module, the students are task with identifying Abnormal Operating Conditions or AOCs. The students have to be able to identify and execute what AOCs are and how to avoid any hazards and unfitting conditions before they can train hands-on fully.
SoCalGas employees who operate or work near hydraulic excavators or backhoes are at risk of being struck by the machine or any of its moving parts.
This eLearning module addressed the best practices that the students have to adopt in order to ensure their safety when working around a backhoe and the safety of the public. 
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