Five Benefits of Immersive Learning

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Is Immersive Learning the future of education and training.

The impact of the pandemic has left a dramatic effect on learning. Some for the better and some for the worst. Times like these bring out the best of human ingenuity and the pandemic is no exception. The world has had to adjust and this change in learning style breeds new opportunities.

Immersive learning is one of these new opportunities. While face to face learning stopped, education and learning must continue. The transition from in person learning to virtual has been almost entirely to video learning like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. A small percentage of education during covid-19 has been immersive learning. For example, the use of Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Guides to train nursing students. One thing is clear, and that is immersive learning is becoming increasingly popular and beneficial to students, teachers, schools, instructors, and companies.

Here are some of the benefits of immersive learning.

Experiential learning

A bored student is not a learning student.  We all know that if you are not interested you are far less likely to retain what is taught. One of the main benefits of an immersive learning experience is experiential learning. Experiential learning and an immersive environment keep students engaged and free of distractions. Instructors and professors can assign a reading on a specific medical procedure. But an experiential and learning environment will give students a better understanding of the topic than just reading.

Hands on Learning

Hands-On Learning falls within the experiential learning category. A hands-on approach to learning helps students build muscle memory and lead to increased retention. Rather than learning by traditional lectures students learn by doing. Students learn in a controlled environment where mistakes are encouraged so they to learn from them. Before they are asked to perform on the job when everything is on the line, they have already performed what will be asked of them. Whether that is building equipment, maintenance and repair, or medical procedures.

Interactive learning experience

An interactive learning experience keeps students engaged and interested. When students are engaged and participating, they are far more likely to learn and retain knowledge. Virtual, augmented, or mixed reality creates a separate environment where students are free from distractions and fully engaged.

In immersive interactive learning environment students are placed in different scenarios and are taught what do for each step. A perfect example of this is medical students. They traditionally learn by watching doctors perform procedures. No many how many procedures students watch they will never experience every scenario one will come across in the field. But the HoloLens and Dynamics 365 Guides walks them through and trains them on how to navigate each scenario they may come across.

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning saves money and time. A win win for both students and schools or employees and businesses. The power of immersive learning is significant. The example mentioned previously where the HoloLens and Guides walks student through every scenario, they may come across in the field is one. Another example is how Guides helps reduce training time and the need for an instructor. CraneMorley recently helped NYSEARCH reduce training time for their gas meter from one day to 44 minutes. That is the power of an immersive learning environment.


The last benefit is collaboration. As technologies continue to advance, immersive learning will continue to innovate. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist has help improve upon traditional video calls. Now students can interact with instructors and place annotation to collaborate on the best place to install a gas meter for example. Microsoft Mesh is another example of how immersive learning will support collaboration. While traditional lectures can function with zoom or facetime, labs and other learnings have suffered without the in-person 3D like collaboration needed. Mesh will allow students to collaborate like they are in person.

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