5 ways Microsoft HoloLens has changed the way we train

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The way we train is changing.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 has transformed the way we train employees. The HoloLens and Mixed Reality are leading the way to help innovate the way we train. Thanks to this technology companies are discovering new ways to become more efficient and effective.

One of the biggest challenges’ businesses face is that instructors do not have enough time to train employees. Traditional training tactics no longer support the advancement in technology. As companies invest millions of dollars into new technology, they want to see their return on investment as soon as possible.

Here are five ways Microsoft HoloLens has changed the way we train.

Remote Trainings

The HoloLens and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is the perfect application for remote trainings. Traditional virtual instructor led training uses a video call with limited capabilities. But with the HoloLens and Remote Assist, students are taught with the instructor’s field of view. Instructors train students like they are right beside them and hands free to demonstrate how tasks should be completed. Annotations keep trainings interactive, and students involved. Remote trainings allow instructors to train different locations at once or throughout a day and improve efficiency.

Instructorless Training

Dynamics 365 Guides trains employees without the need for instructors. Step by step instruction cards guide users how to complete tasks by themselves. Guides allows users to select their experience level and trains them accordingly. This reduces the need for unnecessary training for more advanced trainees and creates a personalized learning path. If there is a question or problem instructors will step in and assist as needed.

Self-Paced Training

Everybody learns differently. Some employees are fast learners and like to be trained quickly while others are slower and process information at a different rate. Dynamics 365 Guides is ideal to train employees at their own pace and help ensure important steps are not skipped. Users control when they complete each step and when to move forward. Slow learners are not pressured to move forward because the class is waiting on them when they do not understand how to complete each step. While quick learners must complete each step before they move forward.

Hands-on Training

A hands-on approach to training is one the best way for employees to be trained. As HoloLens users are heads-up hands-free, they are learning by doing. Rather than watching a video course, students develop the necessary skills to succeed. In industries like healthcare this is vital because traditionally students would watch doctors perform surgeries and still not be prepared for every scenario possible. With the HoloLens and 3D Holograms medical students perform mock surgeries and walk through every scenario they may come across in the field.

Advance Data Tracking

Guides provides advance data tracking and powerful insights to understand how trainees are performing. Instructors and managers track outliners in data point and identify where to improve. Key analytics answers how long users take to complete tasks, are they stuck on a specific instruction card, or did they complete the guide or only gone through half the steps. All this information tells instructors and managers how effective and efficient their Guide is.

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