HoloLens 2 Hard Hat Feature for Construction

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Mixed Reality is now part of modern construction. Workers are now protected while using the Hololens working in the field. The addition of this technology to the jobsite comes with necessary concerns for worker safety. Find a version of the HoloLens that is incorporated into a hard hat or use accessories to retrofit you existing HoloLens 2 and PPE.

Construction worker using a Trimble HoloLens 2 Hard Hat

Mixed reality with the HoloLens 2 is increasing efficiency on the construction site. Workers can overlay holograms in their physical space and connect remotely to experts anywhere in the world. Managers can walk workers through each step of a project and show how to complete each step.

Construction worker working with the Trimble Hololens 2 Hard hat at a construction site

Hololens with PPE (personal protective equipment) opens up new possibilities in the field. Workers have access to specialists across the world in real time with remote assist. Specialist see the same point of view as workers and guide them through step by step to fix any issues. Remote assist eliminates the cost of flying in a trained specialist. As a result of this new possibility, workers will be able to continue work and avoid any work stoppage. Due to Covid-19 companies can use this solution to keep employees safe.

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