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HoloLens Guides

Increase productivity by enabling your workforce to learn while doing their work.

Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality application for HoloLens that enables employees to learn in the flow of work by providing holographic instructions when and where they need them.

Engage employees with hands-on learning.

Workers can learn a new task or process in context by using a heads up, hands-free guide. By learning on the job, workers will increase retention of skills, reduce errors, and get up to speed faster.

Improve training effectiveness

New workers are expected to be productive almost immediately, and the complexity of the job can be overwhelming. By providing step by step instructions that point to the tools and part they need and show where and how to apply them, workers will be able to learn at their own pace without having to rely on more experienced workers or lengthy often outdated text descriptions.

Generate data to improve process.

Managers can see rich data about how the process is working for their people, enabling them to continually analyze and improve without doing expensive studies. Being part of the Dynamics 365, product family means Guides will integrate with existing workflows, so you can get the right instructions to the right people.

No code authoring allows employees without specialized 3D or programming skills to author guides

Tethered instruction cards: provide a simple step by step structure with each card linked to where the work gets done to ensure nothing is missed

Hands-free gaze control: allows workers to use gaze for controlling the interface if they need to be hands-free

Use images, video, or 3D holograms: in addition to the instruction cards to show what needs to be done where.

Automatic media optimization: of images and video automatically transcode and optimize for HoloLens

Pre- loaded library of 3D assets: like arrows, rings, and hand help you build guides without custom models

Custom 3D models: in FBX and GLTF format are automatically transcoded to GLB for import

Power BI Powered dashboards: visualize valuable insights; identify the average time required for users to complete a task or step

Powered by Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service: allows partner and custom access and integration

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