We set out to deliver a creative solution for Mitsubishi Motors and their predicament. Mitsubishi Motors originally had a scheduled release date for their new Eclipse Cross series, but unfortunately, the Eclipse Cross vehicle itself was not available on time for their sales team to train and test drive. Our approach and solution to this dilemma were to create a responsive and active 360 videos/ virtual reality of the car itself taking center stage, and having a different pop-up window display the new features of the vehicle that would be activated by the user’s movement.

The project allowed the Mitsubishi team to train their sales team through the virtual world without having employees fly out to see the new car in person. The final project was able to be integrated and viewed in both desktop and VR headsets.


The new Eclipse Cross vehicle was not available in time for use in scheduled sales training across the country.  So we created a virtual experience that takes the place of the physical product to give salespeople a head start on learning its features and benefits. The virtual reality experience was delivered on participants’ smartphones that were inserted in branded cardboard sleeves which also served as a take-home item from the training.



Our award-winning design leveraged a 360 VR video in a linked, interactive user interface. We were able to design a VR cardboard headset for Mitsubishi to distribute throughout their dealership.


Response has been so enthusiastic, the client has decided to include VR in each quarterly national training initiative.