Is Mixed Reality Here to Stay?

 In CraneMorley

The short and easy answer is yes mixed reality is here to stay!

If you are not convinced, look at all the different mixed reality solutions companies have implemented during the pandemic. Mixed reality has thrived as one of the leading solutions for businesses during Covid-19. Several key capabilities behind this technology have made mixed reality the answer to remote operations. This includes the ability for companies to work from home and collaborate like they are together in person. Users are head up hand’s free to work with everything in their field of view. Other solutions including remote inspections, maintenance, and training are a few to mention.

Why is mixed reality here to stay?

Mixed reality is here to stay because of the rapid growth of technology that has and will continue to transform the way we operate. Once we transition back to normalcy, there is no viable reason for companies to return to how they operated pre-covid. The money saved, increase efficiency, and other physical restrictions like weather conditions highlight the benefits.

Another thing to note as mixed reality technology continues to improve the software and headsets will become cheaper and readily available to the public. This will help with mainstream adoption and spawn new use cases that we may have never thought about before. The pandemic led to a lot of mixed reality innovation such as remote bridge inspections or use in museums. A similar effect will happen with the public like we have seen at an enterprise level.

At most companies there is always someone who is resistant to technology or change. The aging workforce will soon be replaced with new mixed reality hungry employees. Like most things with technology, you either get with the program or you will be left behind. When mainstream adoption happens people who are resistant to change will have no choice but adopt mixed reality as well.

What is the future of mixed reality?

Right now, the main area we see mixed reality in is on the enterprise level. The growth in business is nowhere where it will be in the future with full buy in and mainstream adoption. The future is Microsoft Mesh, where businesses will meet remotely in mixed reality. Cross platform collaboration from anywhere at any time is in public preview and will be here sooner than you think.

Gaming is the biggest untapped potential within mixed reality. Like virtual reality where the gaming industry dominates most of the focus and sales a similar result may be in store. We have already seen a preview of what this looks like with Pokémon Go and users cannot be more excited. The next step will be first person combat games which will be another blockbuster hit.

Speaking of combat the United States military is already one step ahead of everyone else. They have contracts out and are in development for use in training and on the field application. Potential scenarios will make the enemies not want to fight us. Other ideas include use with dogs and robot which will have a lifesaving effect by avoiding dangers on the frontline.

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