Microsoft Announces New Mixed Reality HoloLens 2

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Last week during the 2019 Mobile World Congress held in the Barcelona, Microsoft finally unveiled their newest mixed reality  HoloLens 2.0. The official announcement comes after months of anticipation for the mixed reality headset. The brand-new HoloLens headset has been redesign to allow users to feel comfortable using it daily. Users now have access to a broader view frame within the HoloLens, making it easier for the user to experience the immersive augmented reality.  The new headset is made up of carbon fiber giving users a lightweight and comfortable feel on their heads in compression to the first headset. The brand-new headset includes the ability to maneuver visor either up or down depending on the situation the users will have in front of them. The official announcement video below showcases the newest innovations of the HoloLens.

We will take a deeper dive and review the HoloLens 2.0 within the upcoming weeks. We will discuss the newest specification and the latest developer tools.

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