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Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference came and went just like. As always, the event left users tuned in to see the latest product updates and the next big innovation in technology. The eye candy news that caught everyone’s attention is Microsoft is entering the metaverse with Teams. The news is not surprising considering we have already seen the use of avatars in the metaverse when Microsoft Mesh was announced earlier year.

The new Mixed Reality news that was announced was two new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides features. The first feature is a new touch activity menu. The second currently is only available on preview mode is 1:1 calling. These new features create an improved user experience for both Guides authors and operators and enable a better way to collaborate.

Touch activity menu

The new touch activity menu brings a new user interface and user experience for all users. A common experience that Guides users would encounter was that certain movements would launch the HoloLens menu button to pop up. The new touch activity menu design prevents this and utilizes the HoloLens advantage eye tracking. Now the menu bar will only appear if the users’ eyes are looking directly at there hands.

Within the Touch activity menu bar there are four buttons. Guides application, 1:1 calling button, setting, and home button. As users launch the Guides application, they will notice a computer like file/guide management folder. This will make Guides easier to organize, like a traditional computer file explorer. Different permissions levels eliminate the selection of the wrong Guide from a different department or experience level. We will get to the new 1:1 calling button next. The remaining buttons are your standard setting and home button.

1:1 calling

1:1 calling brings something new to Guides and will help drive company performance. Collaboration! Before this new feature the only option Guides users had was to start a Remote Assist call and have the call persist in the background. This was however a duct tape like work around. The only function that remained was the Guides users’ field of view and the call function with Remote Assist. The new 1:1 calling is like a Remote Assist Call. Guides users see subject matter experts in their field of view and collaborate in real time. We have seen the different uses for Remote Assist and the uses with this new feature are alike. 1:1 calling is great for support calls with subject matter experts whenever you have a question, remote inspections, collaborative authoring, and Guides walkthrough.

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