Rex Conner Part 1 Interview

 In CraneMorley

In the next installment of the Lunch & Learn series, we are delighted to host Mr. Rex Conner. Rex has been in the training industry for over 40 years and his professional career has spanned from positions as an Instructor Pilot in the U.S. Air Force, a corporate trainer in the financial services field and as a trusted performance consulting partner inside more than 50 companies in more than two dozen industries.

Rex will be presenting on “Establishing a Common Performance Language.” He advises all of your training, recruiting, evaluating, and quality efforts will be so much easier when everyone involved speaks the same performance language.  This Lunch & Learn event will get you thinking of how you can about Establishing a Common Performance Language in your workplace.

We recently had the opportunity to interview with Rex at our office.

Below you will find out the first part of our five-part interview series with Rex. In this clip. Rex discusses the importance of having a common performance language in your workplace.

We hope to see you here on May 21. The event will take place at the offices of CraneMorley.  To register for this upcoming event, please follow the link  (Register May-21), we will send you a follow-up confirmation email to inform you that you have successfully signed up for our Lunch & Learn.

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