Part 2 of a 4 part series

This is part 2 of a 4 part series regarding X-Reality and how it has started impacting the way companies are approaching training for within their industry. To read the first part of our this series, please click here. Visit our website every Friday for our newest blog series.

With affordable Virtual Reality options becoming available, people are showing more interest in VR’s practical uses. If you are like myself or many others, you’ve probably found yourself intrigued yet skeptical towards the thought of VR being used as a workplace tool. But picture giving your workers the tools to practice handling hazardous or otherwise uncontrollable situations in safe environments, or holding live virtual courses with other workers around from around the globe.

VR has slowly, but steadily begun to integrate within our daily lives and is changing the way corporations, health care providers, and even big chain retail stores are approaching training. From customer service workers preparing to handle the holiday rush, to warehouse workers learning and being certificated to operate a forklift, and eventually changing the way we purchase homes.  








With the right thought and creativity, the possibilities are endless!

The following articles explore these and other possible uses for Virtual Reality in today’s work filed and how it will change corporate training:

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