What is branching?

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Image of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides branching

What is branching?

Branching creates non-linear workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides. In simpler terms branching is perfect for complex guides with different potential end points or critical thinking involved. What once required multiple Guides for different scenarios, now can be adapted to fit within one guide. It is safe to say branching opens new possibilities within Guides.

How does branching work?

Adding a question step to a guide allows the author to create a branching scenario. Based on the user’s response, they are navigated to a different set of instructions within the guide. For example, you can now create a guide designed for different expertise level. (shown above) Just start your guide with a question about the operator’s skill level. The users selection will then lead them to steps and tasks that provide the needed detail for that skill level.

When to use branching?

Branching is ideal for any guide with complex workflows. There are many different scenarios to use branching. But for now, here are a couple of uses.

Knowledge Checks – Add quick quiz questions to build retention

Error Messages/Code – Respond to real time error messages with the correct troubleshooting steps

Exploration – Let your operator choose what they want to learn about next

Prep and Safety – Ensure your operators are using the correct PPE and that equipment is calibrated

Remediation – Identify common mistakes and issues and provide the correct guidance to the operator

Best Practices

Branching adds an additional level of complexity to authoring a guide. Keep these best practices in mind to ensure that your branching guides are successful right out of the gates.

  1. Map out the process to understand the different potential endpoints
  2. Identify branches that will require additional “resources or info” tasks
  3. Add completion steps to guides that feature different potential endpoints
  4. Test all branches of your guide

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