What is E-Learning?

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Due to the coronavirus you must be hearing more and more about e-learning. Most of the news and articles are on how schools are adjusting to social distance e-learning. The minority been how businesses have adjusted to social distance e-learning and trainings. E-learning is a necessity on how we continue to adjust to these unprecedented times.

Laptop/book design with floating images to show what you can learn with e-learningWhat is e-learning?

E-learning is “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet”. There are many forms of e-learning, but the main idea is learning with the help of technology. E-learning has become increasingly popular with the development and convenience of technology. Anyone from anywhere can learn what they want when they want at any time.

What are the forms of e-learning?

There are many forms of e-learning that makes this a popular option. You can have your traditional instructor led teaching/training with virtual learning. This option has been the answer to Covid-19.  Instructors lead social distance learning courses live over a video call. Then you have your web-based training/courses using learning management systems. Now employees or students can learn at their own pace. There are many other forms but those two are the main forms of e-learning.

What are the advantages of e-learning?

The common theme between all the types of e-learning is the ability to learn from almost anywhere. This is a popular option from a business point on efficiency and saving money. From a user standpoint e-learning allows users to learn anything they want at any time. Before technology the only real option to learn was in person or read the limited books/article. But now there are courses on everything, and this allows users to be self-taught. The coronavirus only sped up the growth of e-learning.

Why is e-learning important?

E-learning is important for many different reasons. Anyone who wants to learn about a topic can now be self-taught. The ability to go online and learn anything you want is powerful. E-learning is efficient and a cost-effective way for someone to learn. The ability to create a web-based training once and update when needed. Allows companies to be more efficient in how they divide their time and money.

For an example of how E-Learning is being used to train employees. Check out our blog on how CraneMorley helped SoCalGas Rapid Response To COVID-19.

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