What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist?

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Worker wearing a Microsoft HoloLens fixing a machiine as they are walk through a expert with Remote Assist

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is an application that allows for video call through Microsoft Teams. This helps companies and employees solve problems in real time. Workers collaborate side by side with anyone from anywhere at any time. Experts, specialists, and engineers see exactly what workers see and collaborate to fix any issues that arise. Users have the optionality to choose between a mobile phone version or through Microsoft HoloLens 2. But for today we will focus on the HoloLens version.

How does Remote Assist work?

Remote Assist works by sharing a video of the HoloLens user’s point of view. Whomever has access to this video sees everything as if they are there in person. This allows experts and engineers to conduct inspections, trouble shoot problems, and perform maintenance and repair remotely. All while being able to solve problems in real time. Remote Assist offers almost everything a traditional video sharing platform has and then some.

Worker wearing a Microsoft HoloLens Hands Free fixing a machiine as they are walk through a expert with Remote Assist

How does Remote Assist separate themselves from traditional video sharing?

This isn’t your traditional video sharing application like Facetime or Skype. HoloLens and Remote Assist allows you to pull up and share files, documents, and images. There is no need to bounce back and forth between what you are working on and a screen. Everything is within your field of view and allows you to work hands free. Annotations allow experts to point out specific parts or areas to fix.

Ways to use Remote Assist?

The most common way Remote Assist is used is to help companies fix issues and other scenarios mentioned earlier. Before Remote Assist, companies would have to bring in an expert to fix an issue with a server for example. Now you can call an expert in the field from across the world to walk you through how to fix a server. This helps companies improve efficiency, reduce environmental footprint, and fix problems right away. All while leading to more money saved for companies.

The second way Remote Assist is used is to train employees/teach students with virtual instructor led training courses. Remote Assist allows companies to train employees more efficiently. The only solution before Remote Assist was to bring an expert to each physical location. Instead companies can have an expert train a team in New York during the morning. Then complete another training in Los Angeles in the afternoon.

Due to the coronavirus, companies have had to adapt to a virtual way of life. Remote Assist and these two ways to utilize this technology are helping companies adjust. Companies can’t wait for an expert to travel and quarantine for 14 days to fix a server. Even if this is possible due to the current state of the pandemic. They also can’t stop important training when lives are on the line. Remote Assist has helped companies transition into this new work and training style.

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