Here are a few of the recently completed X-Reality projects that our CraneMorley team has completed for our clients and partners.

DENSO Drive - Training Program XR Project

Using the Microsoft Hololens as the delivery means, CM developed hands-free, voice-actuated step by step training that could be completed without the presence of an instructor. To view the full case-study and our walk-through step-by-step instruction video, follow the link.

GLE HoloLens

The new Mercedes โ€“ Benz GLE has an innovative suspension system combining hydraulics and airbag components in independent configurations at all four wheels. There was no practical way for technicians to actually see the components under the car and how they interact in different ride modes. Click here, to see how CraneMorley resolved this problem.

Denso Drive VR Pump Project

In a fully immersive situation, our team created a Virtual reality experience for our clients to have a familiar training approach, all while being in different offices spread across the world. To experience this virtual world and our strategic approach to their problem, click here.